Learn about Difficult Airway Management in the Streets, at our place or yours

The Advanced Life Support Institute now offers a sixteen-hour course on Difficult Airway Management in the Streets.


This sixteen-hour continuing education class for the advanced provider (Paramedics) was written by paramedics who work in the field for paramedics. Gives working paramedics the tools to work with real airways in real-life environments. It addresses the current literature that questions paramedics' ability to intubate.

Eight hours of classroom lectures and discussions that include the difficult airway algorithm, using capnography, assessing for and predicting difficult airways, backup plans when you can't secure an airway, medication assisted intubation and true RSI (rapid sequence intubation) and all the "toys"—blades, techniques, adjuncts, PTL, Combitube, COPA, King, LMA, gumbougies, Melker Kits, QuickTrach, retrograde intubations, BAMM whistles, Cobra, blind intubation, nasotracheal intubations, light wand intubations, BURP, and external laryngeal manipulations.

Learn techniques for dealing with trauma to the face and neck, the pregnant and obese patients, the elderly and arthritic patients, and the entrapped and difficult to access patients.

Eight hours of hands-on sessions including a wet lab with pig necks for surgical airways. These six lab stations let you play with the "toys." Also, challenge yourself in the tunnel of airway disasters. This is a maze of 12 simulated airway problems that need to be solved. There is a mega airway simulation featuring the METIman Prehospital human patient simulator.


Airway Practice

Surgical airway practice on pig trachs.

This course will travel to your site if you have at least 20 students. Contact ALSI for more information regarding classroom and space requirements.