ALSI provides real-world equipment such as METIman for its education courses

Featuring METIman PREHOSPITAL, the world's first simulator built by medics for prehospital EMS providers.


METIman will enhance any learning activity with its high fidelity scenarios and his physiological format that will provide the most realistic patient care experience you can have without a real live patient. He breathes, talks, blinks, bleeds, has pulses, and responds to treatments the way a real patient would in real time.

We can bring METIman to your training to teach initial assessments and treatments for your service. You can design your own training or we can provide specially designed training to meet your needs.

Prehospital scenarios

METIman has prehospital scenarios that cover the following topics:

EMS Module I EMS Module II EMS Module III
Adult Asthma, Anaphylaxis RSI ACS
Heart Failure & Pulmonary Edema Asystole Acute MI with Hypotension
Altered Mental Status/Cardiac Arrest Epidural Hematoma Airway Mngmt Intubation
CVA/Brain Attack Fluid & Electrolyte Imbalance Altered Mental Status
Sounds of the Body Heroin Overdose Cardiac Arrest
Periods of Apnea Increasing Intercranial Pressure Diabetic Ketoacidosis
Pulmonary Embolism Kidney Stones Flail Chest & Spinal Cord Injury
Pneumonia, Respiratory Meds Mega Code Challenge Multiple Gunshot Wounds
Spinal Cord Injury Pelvis & Leg Injury Unstable Angina
Thermal Injury Tension Pneumothorax VF & Pulseless VT
Advanced Simulation Unit

Real-World Equipment

METIman and the Simulation Unit will travel to your location at the affordable cost of $100 per hour for a minimum of 3 hours which will cover about three scenarios which includes debriefing. Mileage reimbursment to and from your location is also requested. Lodging is necessary for longer sessions. Call to discuss details.

METIman was purchased through grants provided by the Samuel P. Hunt Foundation and Cogswell Trust. Simulation Unit donated by Stewarts Ambulance. CAE Healthcare donated the METIVision for use in recording the simulations. ALSI Alumni contributed donations which have been used to purchase other equipment.